vue filter in ternary operator

没有图片时要显示占位图,所以在 :src 里用到了 ternary operator 。大概长这样:

:src="picture ? (picture | imgShow) : require('../../assets/images/placeholder.png')"

然后报错了。于是查了 Vue filter 的用法

The expression syntax is defined as (JavaScript expression) + (| filters). Filters can only be appended to valid JavaScript - bringing in filters into JavaScript is not going to happen.
You can already use $options.filters.myFilter(prop) in JavaScript expressions.


:src="picture ? $options.filters.imgShow(picture) : require('../../assets/images/placeholder.png')"
  • 为什么要用 require

好像是 webpack 的相应的 loader (在我这里是 file loader )要对这些 path 做一个转换操作。

  • 我看 console.log(this.$options) 里没有 filters

顺着 __proto__ 就能找到了。。。